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We are pleased to announce the launch of

We have developed this site in response to the many thousands of requests we have received at, to write your CVs for you.

We aim to produce a stunning professionally written CV that will immediately impress potential employers and get you the results you want.

You may think writing a CV or resume is straightforward – you just need to list your education and jobs to date-right? Unfortunately no – wrong!

Employers and Recruiters are inundated with CVs, and like everyone in our high pressure world today, they turn to technology to simplify their role and speed the process up.

They are using ATS-Applicant Tracking Systems to automatically select the most appropriate candidates for interview. The systems rely on the correct identification of sections of your CV. If your CV is not formatted in a specific way, it will fail to pick up the information in the relevant field. Chances are your details will not even be presented to the recruiter.It is estimated that up to 75% of recruiters use ATS.

Our service aims to make your CV ATS compliant, immediately improving your chances of getting to interview. At the same time we will produce a CV that is Professional, and presents you in the best possible light to the recruiter.

Your CV will help you stand out from the crowd ensuring you secure the job of your dreams.

Introductory discount

We are currently offering an introductory discount on all prices of at least 20%. The price displayed is the reduced price. So buy now while the offer is still available.

Is our posting to Job Boards service available in your region?

This service involves us physically posting your application to some carefully selected job Boards. This can be a long, time consuming process that we can handle for you, saving you time to spend more productively on your applications.

The service is currently available in the following regions:-






Sri Lanka

If the service proves popular we will add additional regions.

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