How does it work

You can pay by PayPal or Western Union. Please open a free PayPal account, which may take several days to process. (See notes 3 and 4 below).
Follow these simple steps to place your order;-

1.Select the level of service you wish to use (note 1)
2.Choose your appropriate experience band.
3.Click on your package
4.Add options, and select  your CV Language (note 2)
5. Click Add to cart

6.Complete” New User Registration”

7. Choose your payment method.

First decide how to pay. See the “How to Choose your Payment Method” page

Ii paying by PayPal Immediately select the” immediate payment” button and Proceed to checkout .
Once your order is placed,you will be allocated an order ID and a user ID via email. Complete your application questionnaire (note 5) and/or upload your old CV (note 6)

IF you need to set up a PayPal account , or are paying by Western Union or other agent, select the “pay later ” button and proceed to checkout to view your total price including discounts and tax. Please make a note of this price, as we will require this amount to be paid into our account in Sterling.We will send you an email confirming the price and giving you payment details
Once your payment is made, you will be receive an email confirming it has been received. We expect this will take a week. We will not begin work on your CV package until payment is received into our account.

c.In the meantime you can complete your application questionnaire (note 5) and/or upload your old CV (note 6)

(1) Basic, Standard, Superior and First Class are available in all regions. For premier package please check the Latest News section to see if this is available in your region.
(2) Current language options are USA English, UK English or Spanish. If you require both a Spanish and English version this is an additional service that will be charged for at checkout.
(3) We accept payment by PayPal, credit and debit cards. You will need to have your PayPal account set up before you place your order, even if you are going to pay by credit or debit card, unless you have a card issued in the UK, where our PayPal account is registered. Otherwise please go to and choose to open a free personal PayPal account in your region. You can then attach your Card or bank account to the PayPal account.It can take up to 5 days to attach a card or account to your PayPal account.

(4)As an alternative we can send a Request for money order if you prefer. This is a manual system and our response may be limited to UK working hours. Email, and put … Request for moneyorder ….in the subject line.

Your PayPal payment will be made to SNETCOUKLTD, who manage this site as owners of
Any appropriate discount will be applied to your cart before payment is taken.

Please make a note of your total price, as we will require this amount to be paid into our account in Sterling.
(5) If you return later to the site to complete your questionnaire and upload relevant documents, log in, by clicking on the button in the acknowledgement email we sent when you placed your order.
Go to Profile, then order list, (just under the word profile), and you will see your order. Click the blue pending button on “view CV Folder“
Click next, and the questionnaire appears, complete the questionnaire. Click next and “choose file” to browse your own computer and upload files to attach CV or other documents. If you don’t think a field is relevant just put NA and you can continue to the next question.
At the end of the questionnaire you will have the facility to upload documents, including your old CV if you choose to do so.
Once all is completed, click “Submit”.
(6) If you have an up to date CV you can attach that, rather than filling in all the details on the application form. There are however certain questions you will need to answer which will take a few minutes. If you do not have time to complete the form now, you may come back later when you do have time and log in using your details which we will have emailed to you.
(7).If you are absolutely certain your CV contains all the relevant information, you can mark that field in the questionnaire NA, and this will allow you to move on to the next question. However please bear in mind that if you do not give us the correct information at the outset, we will not be responsible for errors or inaccuracies in your CV package and will be unable to correct them free of charge.
(8).How the CV Writing Process Works
As long as we have all the information we need from you, we will usually get your CV to you within 5 working days. If we need to contact you to clarify anything your writer will do that initially by email.
If you need it more urgently than that, we do offer a rush service, but we would point out that this does not give us the time we would like to dedicate to your CV to ensure it is as professional as we can make it.

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