How to Choose your Payment Method

We can accept payment by Paypal or Western Union or any other agent that can pay directly into our UK account in sterling

First place your order, and select your payment method.

If you are paying directly into our account rather than via the payment cart, we will email you the total order price, adjusted for discounts and tax, so that you can arrange payment via your preferred payment agent.

Once your payment is received we can continue to process your order.

In the meantime you can complete the questionnaire with all the details we need for your CV package, upload any documents such as your existing CV, job description, or adverts for the type of job for which you will be applying


We accept payment by PayPal, using a personal PayPal account, or credit and debit cards. You will need to have your PayPal account set up before you place your order, even if you are going to pay by credit or debit card, unless you have a card issued in the UK.

Please go to and choose to open a free personal PayPal account in your region. You can then attach your Card or bank account to the PayPal account. This may take up to 5 days to process.

If you are in a rush, then once you have set up your PayPal account we can send a Request for moneyorder to your email address. This is a manual system and our response may be limited to UK working hours. Email, and put … Request for moneyorder ….in the subject line.

In all cases your PayPal payment will be made to SNETCOUKLTD, who manage this site as owners of

Western Union or other agent that can pay directly into our UK account in sterling.

You can either make the transaction online using a credit card if you have one, or take cash to the Western Union agent’s location.

We will need to receive the money into our business account in the United Kingdom in Sterling. Please instruct Western Union or your preferred payment agent to transfer the price of your package into our account.

Once payment is made, you will be receive an email confirming it has been received. We expect this will take a week.

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