Is your CV holding back your Career?

Do you feel that your CV is letting you down? That it doesn’t stand out from the crowd? That if only you had the right CV, you could get in front of recruiters, get your career on track, get the job of your dreams, and earn the money you need to support your family?

How do I write an effect an effective CV?

There are many different ways of writing CV’s. The correct one for you is the one that gets you the job you want.

How do I know the best CV format for me to use?

It will depend on your chosen sector and your career history. A different approach from the standard chronological format is effective in certain situations.

Will one CV be acceptable for all my applications?

Sometimes it is a good idea to have more than one CV, for example if you are prepared to work in several different sectors. In this case it could be more effective to have several separate CVs and covering letters.

How do I write a cover letter?

What do I include, who do I address it to, what should I say? Can I use the same cover letter for all applications?

How much will it cost for you to write my CV professionally?

We provide a tiered service, the cost will depend on the options that you choose, and your level of experience, which will be reflected in the complexity of the CV and other services.

You can choose just a basic CV, but you can also choose to include a cover letter, a thank you letter, or a LinkedIn listing. You can even opt for your CV to be posted to job boards for you*, and receive a synopsis which could be used for networking, or for when a summary is needed rather than a full CV. You will also be able to order a CV which is tailored to a specific advertised position.

*(available in certain regions, please check our latest news section for your region)

What other options are available?

You can select whether you would like your CV to be written in USA English, UK English, or Spanish . And you have the option to order a Spanish version as well as, or instead of, the English version.

What if my new CV doesn’t getting me an interview?

We are very confident that we can make a difference to your job prospects. So confident in fact that we are prepared to offer you a guarantee. If you don’t get invited to an interview after regularly using your new CV for 3 months, we will undertake a rewrite free of charge. We will consider the jobs you have applied for using the CV, and even help you tailor a CV for the next job for which you want to apply.

Will the CV you write ensure I get the job I apply for?

Your objective is for your CV to get you to an interview, and then you have the chance to check for yourself that you are the right person for the job, and to convince the interviewer you are their ideal candidate.

Please read the “How does it work” page before you place your order.

Please note I am out of the office with no access to emails until 2nd May 2017. There will be no CV writing service during this period. If you want to go ahead with an order I will deal with it on my return . Thank you


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